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  1. Glad to see you up and running, M. I may put you to work for a trip I hope to make to England next summer. Hope being the key word. In any case, good for you for following another interest to see where it will lead you.

    • Hi, Diane! That sounds fabulous. I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting the Riviera Maya but I hear the snorkeling is amazing, especially around Tankah. Will you be going with a group? There seem to be some good vacation house rentals in the area if you are. As for hotels, a quick survey brought up a couple moderately priced ones in Tulum. Check out http://www.jashitahotel.com/, http://www.cabanastulum.com/ or http://www.lazebratulum.com/ to start. I can’t recall if you’re a vegetarian or no, but I hear the pulled pork tacos at Tacqueria Tony are amazing. He’s next to the bus station. Now I want to go to Tulum!

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