Friday Fantasy Vacation: The Old Fox Cottage

There was one cottage that I didn’t squeeze in to my Thatched Cottage post last week. It was just too lovely to share the attention with other cottages. The Old Fox Cottage is in Worcestershire, England sleeps four and is perfect for a small family. It’s seriously adorable and what’s even better is that it is practically stumbling distance to the 13th century pub, The Fleece Inn which is owned by the National Trust. Perfect summer vacation? I’d say so!

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English Thatched Cottages

Olympic fever seems to be heating up in earnest and while everyone is (rightfully) focused on London at the moment, let’s not forget the unique sorts of places you can vacation outside of the city. As an American I’ve been conditioned to look at historic structures with a mixture of awe and disbelief, if only because they are so rare in my home country. The thing that actually amazes me, though, is that they still exist, like these thatched cottages in England. Did you know that over 250 roofs in Britain have base coats of thatch that are 500 years old? This blows my mind. What might blow your mind is a holiday in one of these amazing structures. The perfect way to experience the English countryside to its fullest would be in one of the following cottages.

Spring Cottage, Wroxton, Oxfordshire

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Legers Cottage, Near Exeter, Devon

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White Cottage, Iken, Suffolk

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Old Manor Cottage, Halford, Warickshire

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Love Lane Cottage, Near Coverack, Cornwall

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Friday Fantasy Vacation: Sextantio Albergo Diffuso, Abruzzo

It’s hard to precisely describe what this place is. It’s a hotel, but it isn’t. There are 27 rooms and a restaurant but it’s spread out over various buildings in the tiny medieval fortress village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. It’s rustic but luxurious and about as uniquely beautiful as it could possibly be.  Lovingly restored using local materials it’s a really one of a kind experience. See for yourself.

Friday Fantasy Vacation: Bijou Cottage, Nonards, France

Ok, so just so my American audience is clear, the “d” is silent. That said, the town of Nonards is a village next to a village east of Bordeaux and north of Toulouse. So, really how could a vacation not be fantasy-worthy in those environs? Not to mention that if you stay here, you’ll be sleeping in a 15th century gatehouse well suited to a small family or four friends looking to escape the modern world. And isn’t that what a good vacation is all about?

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Friday Fantasy Vacation: Oia Villa I & II, Santorini, Greece

It’s hard to look at pictures of Santorini and not feel relaxed and in a vacation mind-set immediately. The contrast of deep blue sea and ancient white washed walls is instantaneously calming. That feeling of well-being is even better achieved when you’ve got a great vacation rental like one of these refurbished, centuries old cave houses. Each house sleeps two and is simple in design, yet far from boring. There’s nothing here to interfere with your enjoyment of the stunning surroundings, and no one will blame you if you never venture out except for fresh bottles of wine.

Oia Villa I

Oia Villa II


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Wanderlust: Normandy

Unless you’re lucky enough to be on vacation where there is no internet, television, or mail then you’ve probably heard that France has a new leader. Francois Hollande hails from Rouen in Normandy and I will be lucky enough to go there later this Summer, but I thought now might be the perfect time to resurrect the wanderlust feature and take a luxurious look at this part of northern France. Bon Voyage!


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Friday Fantasy Vacation: Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza

In true Spanish form this Sevilliana hotel has an exceedingly long name and a simple, welcoming demeanor. Smack in the center of Seville, the hotel was once an 18th century monastery, but now houses 41 rooms all around a central courtyard. Very Spanish, very much the perfect place to stay in Seville.

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