President’s Day Visit to Monticello

People may have varying opinions about recent and current American presidents but it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t agree that Thomas Jefferson was an extraordinary president and person. You can visit his home and gardens, which he designed of course, and learn not only about the author of the Declaration of Independence but also the complex times in which he lived. Fortunately for future tourists he picked a beautiful section of the country to live in. Located just outside of Charlottesville proper, it makes an easy morning trip from town. The area is also home to wineries which are fun to visit and give you a reason to drive through the stunning countryside.  There’s nothing I can say about Mr. Jefferson that hasn’t been said better by someone more knowledgable than myself. Let’s just get to the good stuff. Happy President’s Day!

Monticello Home and Gardens

Above Images from the Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Photo: David Jennings

Where to Stay:

Inn at Willow Grove, Orange

Dinsmore House Inn, Charlottesville

The Clifton Inn, Charlottesville

Photo: Southern Living

Bellair Pool House Vacation Home, Charlottesville

Wineries and Food

Barboursville Vineyard

Keswick Vineyards

photo charislogia via flickr

Jefferson Vineyards

Michie Tavern, Charlottesville

Built ca. 1784

The Local, Charlottesville

Palladio Restaurant at Barboursville Vineyard

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