Friday Fantasy Vacation: King Pacific Lodge, BC

I’ve lived in the Northwest a long time now and there are still so many places I haven’t yet been. Unluckily, or maybe luckily if I ever get a month off and a wad of cash for a full-blown tour, most of them are in British Columbia. I’m sure I’ll fantasize about them all summer long but for today, I’ll stick to the King Pacific Lodge on Princess Royal Island, about 380 miles north of Vancouver and in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.  The resort is an integral part of the stewardship of the rainforest and has won multiple awards for not only being a super luxurious wilderness lodge but for also being a great example of how to offer memorable and comfortable travel experiences without shoving a big footprint on your locale. The 17 room lodge is actually a floating lodge and works on an all-inclusive model that includes a round trip float-plane flight from Vancouver, room (obviously), all meals, guided activities and a host bar. The most important thing you need to know, is that it’s gorgeous up there and you’ll not likely ever get another opportunity to see the elusive spirit bear in your life.

And let’s not forget the wildlife:

black bear

grizzly bear

spirit bear!

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    • I know, right? There’s a picture somewhere on their website of the lodge being towed over the water to it’s current location. When you can float on water why impact the land?

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