English Thatched Cottages

Olympic fever seems to be heating up in earnest and while everyone is (rightfully) focused on London at the moment, let’s not forget the unique sorts of places you can vacation outside of the city. As an American I’ve been conditioned to look at historic structures with a mixture of awe and disbelief, if only because they are so rare in my home country. The thing that actually amazes me, though, is that they still exist, like these thatched cottages in England. Did you know that over 250 roofs in Britain have base coats of thatch that are 500 years old? This blows my mind. What might blow your mind is a holiday in one of these amazing structures. The perfect way to experience the English countryside to its fullest would be in one of the following cottages.

Spring Cottage, Wroxton, Oxfordshire

Photos curtesy of Hideaways UK

Legers Cottage, Near Exeter, Devon

Photos curtesy of Classic Cottages

White Cottage, Iken, Suffolk

Photos curtesy of Best of Suffolk

Old Manor Cottage, Halford, Warickshire

Photos curtesy of Old Manor Cottage

Love Lane Cottage, Near Coverack, Cornwall

Photos curtesy of Unique Home Stays

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