Friday Fantasy Vacation: Imnaha

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I rave about my visits to the tiny townlet of Imnaha in the northeastern corner of Oregon state. The main reason for that is because of the Imnaha River House. It must be, because there’s not a whole lot else in Imnaha besides the post office, the general store and one the most beautiful and deepest canyons in the country. I hear there is great hiking and fishing, and Hell’s Canyon is close by as well, not that I’ve ever experienced any of those things while vacationing here as I’ve never managed to leave the property. It is so relaxing and restorative to just sit by the river, walk through the garden (with the best strawberries and cherries I’ve ever eaten!) and play cards on the porch that I have yet to find a reason to leave. Take my advice and load up on groceries in Joseph, don’t forget to stop for beer at Terminal Gravity in Enterprise, and then do what you can never do at home: nothing. Your cell phone will not work here. There is no way to get on the internet. There is no large screen television. Life here is simple and slow and thoroughly rejuvenating.

Inside the general store

River house as seen from the river

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