Shepherd’s Hut, France

I saw this on Remodelista recently and can’t stop looking at the pictures. It is located in the Auverne and was built 300 years ago by shepherds as a place to make cheese. It sleeps 4-6 and can be rented from May till October. When you book two nights they include a basket of food to feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner, all sourced locally. I’m picturing smoked meats, cheese  and hopefully some wine. In case you’re wondering, the couches turn into beds.

Wanderlust: Storefronts

One of the most surprisingly satisfying parts of travel can be the part where you get lost while walking around a foreign city. This happens less and less, it seems, now that almost all of us have GPS capable maps on our phones that can identify our location and route a way back to our hotel for us. I’ve always had a love for storefronts in cities like Paris and London and there are days when I pine for days of a little less technology. Enjoy the scenery, folks.


Wanderlust: Paris

I have a friend who just wrapped up a trip to Paris and remarked that the city is her “spirit animal”. There is something about the City of Light that causes people, mainly creative and introspective types but not exclusively, to just melt in the presence of so much beauty. Paris has not cornered the market on beauty obviously, but there is something grand about the beauty of Paris. Walking through the streets, looking into shop windows, the clothes of Parisian women, the chairs out front of the cafe, even the graffiti has style unlike anywhere else. As Fall sets in here in my part of the country I have been spending more time than I should wishing I were meandering through the Marais or nibbling on gooey cheeses washed down with Champagne. As Hemingway famously said, “Paris is a moveable feast”.


Hello world!

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