Friday Fantasy Vacation: Six Senses Nihn Van Bay

As an American born in the 70’s I grew up in the shadow of, unfortunately, more than a couple of international wars/skirmishes/incidents/what-have-you and for most of my life it had never occurred to me to take a luxury vacation to Vietnam. Whether right or wrong, I can’t say that that was a place that was ever etched into my psyche as a luxury vacation spot. Not in the way that places like Cabo San Lucas, Martinique, Ibiza, or pretty much all of Costa Rica has. Myopic or no, I had obviously not been exposed to this resort on the eastern coast of Vietnam or I would have been thinking of vacationing here much sooner. This place is amazing. There’s the usual myriad of water sports and activities, there’s a spa, there’s badminton for crying out loud! Although, do you see that couple below looking happy and romantic next to that big rock formation, of which the area is famous? I can whole-heartedly assure you that on my vacation here, you’ll see my husband climbing those rocks instead of snuggling in the window seat. That couple purchased the “romance package” and we usually buy into the “indulgence package” which means that he’s on a rock and I’m in the window seat lounge with a martini. The beautiful thing about a place like this is that whatever you want your fantasy vacation to be, it can be.

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